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Max Bordeaux / Wine Gallery

logo MAX BORDEAUX is all about a deep passion and love of Bordeaux – the city, the wines, and the people - and bringing all three closer together.

MAX BORDEAUX is more than just another wine boutique, it is a new retail experience based upon the belief that there is a place in everyone's heart for Bordeaux wines – you just don't know it … yet!

Perhaps you feel that Bordeaux is not relevant to you. This can be for a host of reasons – perhaps you are intimidated by the appellation system, or you think that you can't afford the good stuff, or perhaps you associate Bordeaux with your parent's generation and prefer to stick to the New World. It's time to think again.

There is so much more to Bordeaux than meets the eye and MAX BORDEAUX is all about revealing these long-hidden secrets to a much wider audience. True to our slogan "Firsts of the Seconds - Seconds of the First" we have pulled together a fantastic range of second wines from the most famous chateaux which offer fantastic value for money. We firmly believe that these exciting wines are some of the best you can buy, collect, drink and enjoy in Bordeaux at the moment (which explains why we have them in our cellars!)

MAX BORDEAUX has three main areas of activity: WINE GALLERY / WINE CELLAR / WINE COMPANY


Taste your Grand Cru by the glass

You wouldn't buy a car without test-driving it first, or a television without checking the quality of the image. So why should you buy wine before tasting it?The Wine Gallery offers a unique, showcase of our entire portfolio, "framed" behind the glass of Enomatic machines, allowing you to taste these magical wines before deciding what to buy.



An on-line boutique open to Bordeaux lovers allover France. Competitive pricing combined with fast, personalised service and the possibly to order by the bottle, as well as by the case. This is Bordeaux wine-buying made easy.


Wine Business

Our in-house, on-line "magazine" that will give you an insider's view of Bordeaux. Interviews with winemakers, restaurant reviews and a general finger on the pulse account of life in this beautiful city. Max Bordeaux deals exclusively in the most recently bottled vintages from the top Bordeaux chateaux.

However, the Wine Gallery isn't just a retail outlet, we like to think of it as a grown-up equivalent to a sweetshop, where you can take a break from shopping, meet with friends for an affordably extravagant glass of something special after work, or come in and learn about the magic of Bordeaux. Whoever you are, there is something at the Wine Gallery for you!

We feel that this is a more consumer-friendly approach to buying 'en primeur' wines, two years in advance. Max Bordeaux also has a strict 'ex chateau only' purchasing policy, as we feel that it's important that we can guarantee the provenance of all of the wines we sell to you. As the old saying goes "Luxury, for those who know, is nothing but an affordable necessity".

Max Bordeaux available on the App Store

Add MaxBordeaux app to your iPhone: stay connected with Bordeaux's "Great Growths" ,join Châteaux events, browse the online cellar, stay connected with wine news, consult expert tasting notes and scan your bottle to build your own cellar on your mobile!

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