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Private Collector Services

Bordeaux Winebank is one of the leading négociants in Bordeaux. Our specialty is in the distribution of the Great Bordeaux Growths around the world


We are a dynamic and innovative group. We created the Five Star Provenance patent that is applied to all the wines that we sell. In response to growing demand, BWB has just created a department called BWB Private Collector Services.


What is BWB Private Collector Services?

Our vocation is to assist you, the client, in establishing and maintaining your dream cellar. The ideal wine collection must be one of balance. There should always be wine available to be drunk now and wine that is in reserve for future drinking. In this way, as the years pass, you will benefit from having the right wine of the right maturity. That is why a good replenishment programme is vital to maintain your cellar.


The BWB Private Collector Services department will assist you in choosing your wine by providing as much advice as you need, unconditionally.


The wine that we provide for your cellar only comes from the BWB portfolio and therefore enjoys Five Star Provenance. All wines are in their original wooden cases, sealed and electronically tagged. You have the option of having the wine delivered to your cellar or we can store it on your behalf in a bonded warehouse in Bordeaux that enjoys state of the art climate and humidity control. These can be stored for an indefinite period without paying French VAT (value added tax) on the condition that they cannot be then delivered to any address in France. This is then more suitable for the overseas buyer.



What is Five Star Provenance?


  • All wines are sold exclusively in original wooden case (OWC).
  • All wines must have documented "ex château" provenance.
  • All cases must remain in professional storage in Bordeaux since bottling.
  • Professional storage facilities must be temperature and humidity controlled and monitored 24/7.
  • Annual certification of procedures by a qualified auditor.


As a quality label, Five Star Provenance certifies authenticity.


As a code of conduct it is our way to guarantee to you that your wine comes directly from the château. It therefore looks, smells, and tastes just as if you were enjoying a bottle at the château.


Five Star ProvenanceYour wine just like at the Château, anywhere, anytime.



What are the other benefits of BWB  Private Collector Services?


 We offer our valued clients an unparalleled full-service wine buying experience. 


Guaranteed ex château Provenance

Certificate of Provenance 

Shipment and transport fully temperature and humidity controlled

Effective Storage solution

Sale conditions



Guaranteed Ex Château Provenance: 


Every case that we have ever purchased has the documentary proof that it has come from the château and has always remained in Bordeaux. We therefore have the required legal documentation attesting that their origin is “ex château”.



Certificate of Provenance:


As all Five Star Provenance wines are certified to have never left Bordeaux, the buyer also receives proof of this through the receipt of a Certificate of Provenance. It works like this:


Just before your purchases from BWB are collected by the shipper or are physically transferred out of BWB stock to the client’s storage area in our warehouse, each case has four seals applied. These seals are scanned and a unique identity is created online for each case. A certificate of provenance is produced for each case and a seal is applied and irrevocably linked to its case via our database. This is sent to you. When you receive it you can scan it using a dot matrix scanning application that can be downloaded to most smart phones. This will confirm the certificate and the case to which it is linked. Alternatively you can email the case number to obtain the same verification. This system works equally with the case itself. You can scan any seal on the case or input any number and email it. You will receive immediate confirmation that it is the same case that left our warehouse and that it is linked to the certificate. Finally, by entering the number on the certificate or case on our website you can access in-depth information on the château, the vintage, and the tasting notes.

This traceability guarantees ex château provenance.


Clients have the choice of either bonded professional storage in Bordeaux or shipment to Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Norway …





Delivery is made by sea or by plane to all destinations by our accredited partners (handling all related administrative formalities).
Traceability is confirmed by the aforementioned application of four “5 Star Provenance” seals on each case prior to its release and creation of a unique identity number coming from each sealed and scanned case linking the case to the BWB certificate of provenance.



Temperature and humidity controlled transport:  


Application of a temperature recording sensor on each case attesting to safe passage of the wine under correct temperature conditions. Our objective :  avoid any “bottle fatigue” or quality demise.
Five Star Provenance also means assuring a fine wine “cool” chain. Travel is tough on fine wine if it is not carefully handled. We ensure that every care is taken to maintain the correct environment for your wine during transport.




BWB provides your storage solution:          


  • An ultra secure warehouse offering the very best storage conditions
  • Controlled temperature, humidity and lighting levels
  • Perimetric and volumetric detection alarms
  • Surveillance 24/7
  • Secured reception and dispatch areas
  • A gateway to the market in Bordeaux and the world
  • Clients are entitled to provide their own insurance cover.


Storage fees: 14 € per case per year


Insurance: 0,5% on the total amount of the wine


The opportunity for you as a foreign buyer, to store and process the wines in Bordeaux without paying French purchase taxes and duties for an unlimited period.





Prices given are per bottle (75cl) in Euros, without VAT, Ex cellars Bordeaux.

Bottles are packed in OWC (Original wooden case) which is sealed with 4 Five Star Provenance seal. A Five Star Provenance Certificate is sent for each case.

Freight and insurance will be charged separately and will be invoiced at the date of shipment.

If applicable, VAT will be due at the moment of availability.

Payment: 30 days from confirmation of order.

Supplement for strip labels: 0,38 EUR per bottle for export 






Download PDF file for more information





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