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Five Star Provenance

Five stars As a quality label, Five Star Provenance certifies authenticity. As a code of conduct it is our way to guarantee you that your wine looks, smells, and tastes just as if you were enjoying a bottle at the Château. Impeccable provenance means the finest wine at its best – expect nothing less

  • case All wines are sold exclusively in original wooden case (OWC).
  • All wines must have documented "ex château" provenance.
  • All cases must remain in professional storage in Bordeaux since bottling.
  • Professional storage facilities must be temperature and humidity controlled and monitored 24/7.
  • Annual certification of procedures by a qualified auditor.

certificate A certificate of provenance is produced for each case and a similar seal applied which is then scanned and irrevocably linked to its case via our database. Upon reception of your wine, you may e-mail the number on the seal to verify case identification. You may also enter the number on our website to access in-depth information on the château, the vintage, and the tasting notes. The same information may be enjoyed by using a dot matrix scanning application that can be downloaded to most smart phones.

Five Star ProvenanceYour wine just like at the Château, anywhere, anytime.

Authentication service

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Security check

Download BWB app and scan codes on your case, or please enter either:
- Your Case Identification Number found on your Certificate of Provenance
- One of the 12-character codes found on a Five Star Provenance seals.
For a demonstration of the Authentication Service, you may enter the following code in the space provided above: 3246

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Five Star Provenance - Full Traceability, perfect quality

A trained professional strategically places four 5 Star Provenance seals on each case prior to its release. A qualified third party then scans each seal, thereby attributing each case its unique identity. Tamper proof and Radio Frequency Identification RFID traceable, these seals certify authenticity and register position on the globe every step of the way.

sealAfter their "mise en bouteille" the wines are laid horizontally in their wooden case. In that position they will stay, until you hear the pine crack and the nails slide. An unopened OWC is an added value for all tasters and collectors.
To have arrived in your possession, your wine will have made its first and only outbound voyage. Our uncompromising standard means that we require legal documentation for all our purchases attesting "ex-château" origin. Since bottling, all wines are treated to the most optimal cellaring conditions on the market today. All Five Star Provenance wines are certified to have never left Bordeaux. Also, avoiding overly travelled wines is a gesture towards eco-responsibility.

Travel is tough on fine wine. That is why we arrange for temperature and humidity controlled transport. Every case is equipped with a temperature recording sensor attesting to the smoothest trip possible. The requirement is to avoid any "bottle fatigue" or quality demise. Five Star Provenance means assuring a fine wine "cool" chain. Shipping does not have to be your concern – it is a process of our mastery.

PricewaterhouseCoopers evaluates our stock quality and value annually. And yet the "Fifth Star" is not where Five Star Provenance ends. It is an unrelenting engagement to stay atop the wine world.

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